23 May 2008

weekend plans...

right before closing time tonight, one of the little hottie yard fellas (who at this point, i have socks older than, but 20 years younger would be all over) is chit chattin' with me. he's helped me move, hook up my washer, and liberate my quesadilla from my oven. i've known him a couple years - he's almost done with college and will be heading back home in a couple weeks. nice kid.

lhyf: you workin' all weekend again?
me: actually, i have tonight and tomorrow off.
lhyf: cool. what are you doing?
me: hopefully someone tall and rich.


thankfully he is old enough to appreciate my sense of humor... ;) the hr guy in the next room, however, just shakes his head at me.

have a great weekend ya'll... don't forget why we're celebrating. hug a vet, thank a soldier, and put your damn hand over your heart when the flag passes by this weekend. oh, and you better not even THINK about keeping that hat on.

- Happy Memorial Day

miss b


Wien. said...

Two nights off? Then you'd better find TWO tall rich guys. No slacking missy.

Steph said...

lol, he sounded kinda cute......just sayin.

Miss B said...

ahh wien, i'm gettin' too old for 2-fers... i'd end up in traction! ;)

steph ~ he IS a little hottie, and comes from money. and of course is far too young for me. just can't do it. but i'll put in a good word for ya if ya want! *grin*