10 April 2008

moms say the darndest things...

I love being the parent of adult kids. I can now get away with saying things that totally blow their mind, acting all innocent and amusing myself.

case in point...

Me and the girls got together last night for dinner. We're chatting away and catching up with each other. Junior is being stalked by Little Yard Guy (mental note - kick his ass for telling her boss she is a stupid slut) and seeing someone new and having a "grown-up" relationship. Pickle broke up with her little friend (awww) and is now seeing someone who has been in love with her since the 5th grade. *sigh*

Anyhow, they ask me if I've been seeing anyone. I tell them I've gone out a few times with a fella.

and let the inquisition begin...

junior: who is he? where's he from?
me: just a guy.
pickle: would we approve of him? is he nice to you? does he treat you with respect?

me *deadpan*: well, yea, when he's not yankin' my hair or spankin' my ass.


junior/pickle: omg mom! we don't need to know that. that's so wrong.

junior: so are you having sex with him? 'coz you know it's ok if you have sex.

me: omg - ewwww. what?!!!

junior: so you are.

me: OMG what???!!!

sometimes it's soooo easy.


~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~ said...

LOL!!!!! OMFG. Gabzilla is running around telling everyone that I have an imaginary boyfriend.

Wanna swap?



Steph said...

Lol, I would DIE if my mum said that.

Miss B said...

it's ok pixie... we've ALL had the imaginary boyfriends! ;) I luv Gabby! And not a chance -- I wouldn't let you miss the teen years for a million! buahahaha...

Steph, I AM the cool mom... and just wait - one day you'll get to terrorize your own spawns of satan. it's our right. just remember the phrase, "i shoved your fat little out out into the world, spewed you forth and gave you life." for awhile it will get you pretty much anything you want! *grin*