15 April 2008

One of the drivers came in tonight while I was cleaning the office. He's one of the "not the sharpest tacks in the box," but a really nice guy. And, he always has the good road jokes.

So he's yapping away as I'm trying to finish up, and tells us (couple of the yard guys were in taking a break) about one he played on a female driver he was talkin' to goin' down the road.

He tells her he's been married four times.

"Four times? What happened?"

"Well," he tells her, "The first one died from eating poisoned mushrooms. The second one died from eating poisoned mushrooms. The third one died from a crushed skull."

"Wow, that's awful! How did her skull get crushed?"

"She wouldn't eat the fuckin' mushrooms."


drivers are so twisted.

aren't we great? ;)

miss b

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