18 April 2008

is it working?

Ok, I admit, I'm somewhat of a smart-ass.

No. Really.

So, sometimes with my twisted scotch-irish humor, I tend to fun with people just because I can...

First night waitressing on my own at the tavern, a group of 2 couples come in-an older couple and young couple. I gather by the way the other waitresses chitchat with them that they're regulars, so I seat them, give them the menus and take the drink orders. I get the drinks out to them without spillage and start to take their orders. The two ladies put theirs in, and the first fella finishes, so I turn to the last guy.

"What can I get for you tonight?"

"Can I have the 4 piece basket with fries?"

*straight face* "No."

He stops, looks up from his menu and looks at me like I have 3 heads while the rest of the table just bursts into laughter and rib him. His wife just loves it. "We've been coming here for years and no one's ever said no."

Well, I AM a unique individual. *grin*

So one day I'm on the road cruisin' along in the sunshine following another driver who's been yakkin' and complaining because he's had trouble with his lights. He's thinking because people keep cutting him off that his left turn signal isn't working. Since I'm right behind him, he wants me to check for him, so he turns his blinker on and asks me if it's working.

"Yep... nope... yep... nope..."


Have a great weekend all...

miss b


Wien. said...

Love it! The next time HM asks me to check the lights on the boat trailer I'm going to remember you and this post.



~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~ said...

THATS funny!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Baaahahahahahaa, you're funny Miss Behavin!!!

Miss B said...

w... glad to give you something new with which to torture HM ;)

pixie... believe it or not, when i tell people this, it takes some of them a minute to get it...

thanks skinny girl! :) hope all went well and you're feeling better soon... <3