04 April 2008

cleaning in the nude...


For what reason did I ever stop this? The freedom of wandering around the house totally free of restrictive clothing. Feeling oh-so-sexy and more than a little naughty moving room to room. Feeling all those girly jiggly parts stop... 20 seconds after I actually stop. *sigh*

Oh yea.



Actually, tonight's post is brought to you courtesy of one of my "friends" *wink wink nudge nudge* who is now on his way back to his place where I wait in his bathrobe... but more on that later. *grin*

Sick for 3 days folks; it was brutal. I've never been ill more times than this year... I think having 4 jobs finally caught up with me... we're working on that. I actually missed work one day this week. I know. My kids and my mom 'bout called out the National Guard. Not that I'm opposed to some hunky heroes showing up to make me feel better... Everyone at work followed me around with Lysol. I was not allowed to speak, and at one time there was a count of seven hands of all who thought I should just stop breathing altogether. Bastards.

Speaking of feeling better... it's about time for the man of the house to get home, and I am ALL about making sure his day ends even better than it started! I have the whole weekend off, and we're going to "putter" around the house. He calls it a girly word. I don't know what word men use to describe getting a bunch of little things done around the house. (Puttering!) But anyway... I'm perfectly fine with how he putters around my house, so I'll let him use the manly words c'mon!

Went to the truck show last weekend in Louisville KY... awesome truck fest! Stellar show trucks, and a KICKASS new release from International-Navistar = Lonestar! One mean lookin' big truck! I saw chrome, I saw stars, and I was a happy little truck driver...

More updates soon... meanwhile, I'm ok. Better than I've been in awhile. I'm learning to be still.

Damn that's hard.



Wien. said...

Male friend, bathrobe, puttering and trucks....you've got a story to tell missy! Start with the man and the bathrobe.


Anonymous said...

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~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~ said...

Adam, go to hell.

ECHO: Start with the man and the bathrobe.