23 July 2008

ode to a pubic hair

*begin rant*

How do you NOT notice that you have left a 2 inch hair on the toilet seat?

you use the bathroom?

Ok, I admit. I have this "thing." I look at the toilet seat before I sit down. Home, office, restaurant. Everywhere. Because every time I didn't look, there was something not mine on the seat. *shudder*

One person at work, who shall remain nameless because they are so frickin' disgusting, ALWAYS leaves a little something behind. I am constantly nearly pissing myself as I stand there, legs crossed, bouncing around trying to get some paper to wipe off the hairs, or splatters. ugh.

for cryin' out loud, ya lazy bitch, turn around and look when you're done and do the rest of us a favor. i'm tired of cleaning up after you before i have to clean up myself. you're a grown woman. either wipe off the seat, or shave yourself.

*end rant*

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