06 September 2007

Update Ordinaire...

Hmm. Quite the week.

Junior stopped by for 5 minutes last night to let me know she's still alive, wondering if I'm still mad at her and finding out if I'm talking to her yet. I know this because she came in, told me she needed my insurance card for a doctor's appointment and left again to go to her friend's. All this in the face of the holiday weekend in which she caused much drama (see previous 2 posts.)

Work has been kickin' my ass. 12 loads a week needed from nowheresville Minnesota back to Ohio... 2 near-plant shutdowns and much time spent on the phone with customers, brokers, and a conference call between myself, my boss, the customer and the supplier. This can be expected to be through mid-October until harvest comes around. Who thought a pet food place would need so much damn beet pulp?!
The LYG (Little Yard Guy) who wants to date Junior still stops by my desk every day. Yesterday he started quizzing me about where she was, was she working when she said, etc.... Whoa buddy, back the fuck up. I told ya, I'll introduce you. The rest is up to you. Don't ask me to be a spy or go between... and we have enough of that from her current "guy friend" - Fly Guy - who thinks she shouldn't do her hair the way SHE wants and they should make a deal that they don't go out to the bars without each other. Um, hello? Yo, fucknut, I don't see a wedding ring on her finger, and if I did, I might tell her it would be in her best interest to take it off. Brickman asked me about it on the phone. I told him Fly Guy's not the one I would choose for her. Brickman lays it out a bit less tactfully. I believe "Drop the fucker." is what he told her at work the other day. He seems to have taken a liking to her... calling her his "daughter of mine." *pondering* Ahh, too deep for today...

Brickman surprised me. He called last night, just to catch up since it had been almost a week. Told me it would take much more than interference from Junior to put him off. *warm fuzzy* Said he wanted to do something but it would probably be Monday or so (kid weekend) which is cool since I have to catch up on my stupid Spanish that I can read, write, but will never be able to speak with any sort of intelligible wit. (Lord help those to whom I try to speak - I do, however, have a really good handle on burrito, taquito, chimichanga, margarita, and hola.) So I can say hello, let's eat or let's get drunk in Spanish. Really, what more does a girl need?

And, just let me say for the record, Lloyd Carr was using strategic tactics... so let it go already!!! It's not like it was a CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME to which some certain team (which shall remain nameless in their scarlet and grey uniforms) STILL has yet to show... Putzes.

Ahh, Pavarotti passed away. I'm not a huge fan of opera, but I do appreciate quality talent. He will be missed within the arts world.

Scoping around... Interesting reads at Talking with Heroes, Overheard Lines, and Illustration Art... I haven't even had much time for perusing... *sigh*

Captain... 2 million dude, ass-up, revolving, and I can spend my time doing things I like... like reading and sex... hello? It's really NOT that much....

Have a wonderful weekend!
Go Blue!!!
Miss B


Tater said...

Been a pretty interesting read catching up! Miss being able to check in daily at lunch :-(

And I thought owning a cat was tough!


Miss B said...

LOL... trade ya Tater - 1 cat for 3 teens... sounds fair! We are never far from the absurd here... glad to see ya stop by! *hugs*

Tater said...

Sorry doll, my liver couldn't take the booze required for me to handle 3 teens!!!


Steph said...

Oh wow I feel for you. I was a right bitch to my mom when I first started dating and going out at night.
Hang in there sugar.

Miss B said...

Tater, you fly high-tech equipment over 500 mph and you're afraid of 3 little angels???

Wussy boy.

Steph, I don't remember being quite that way with my ma, but I had a different relationship with her than I do with my oldest... lol, although that is swinging around...

and if I EVER get some frickin' time to myself, I'll update my stupid blog!!! *grin*