09 September 2007

A little hodge-podge...

Well, no worries about getting laid off from the bar, since 5 people have quit in the last 2 weeks...

~*~ including ~*~


yep, FINALLY the TOAB (that would be Twat of a Bitch) quit and left town. Yay!!! *happy dance*

ok, so it's because her boyfriend wasn't nice to her. he was somewhat of a dick to her. alright, alright - he was not nice at all. and no one deserves that. *moment of reflection while i feel sorry for her*


and then, and THEN... the TOAB2 (That's twerp of a boss - seriously, he's like, 5'3) who at one time told me I had an "evilness" about me (petit moi?) has the nerve to say to me (as I'm eating a piece of cherry pie that his wife makes) that "it's fattening."


"excuse me?"
"that's fattening."
"So, um, what are you saying, twerp?"
"Nothing, just saying that the pie is very fattening."
"hmm. Coz for a minute there I thought you meant that I was heavy and didn't NEED to be eating this pie." (this ok crumb topping, but the crust pretty well sucks, and I make better pies with refrigerated dough pie)

*and the backpedalling begins*
"no, no, I just meant it was not good for you and I eat it every day too."

Funnily enough, a couple minutes later, he comes out with a piece of butterscotch pie... and tells me he didn't want me to feel bad because I was eating pie alone.

OMG... are you THAT much of a fucknut? Apparently so. He tells me that he doesn't think that there's anything he could say to me that would bother me. I asked if that was because of my innate evilness.

"Yes," he smiles.

heh. *pull straight face* "Well, twerp, I just do it to fuck with your head." Take dishes to bus cart and giggle at the look on his face.

*sigh* so many minds, so little time... *rubbing hands* buahahahaha

Anyhow... Junior is hitting it off with LYG (little yard guy). They have a real date on Sunday. I think she rather likes him. She's not really gone out with someone she hasn't known for several years and "hung with" as part of a group. She and her sister are STILL not speaking over last week's debacle. drama drama drama.

Brickman keeps mentioning to Junior that he's going to call me. Yea, ok. Look, here I am, holding my breath. NOT. Really, if it's that much bother to pick up the phone or you're not interested, just let it go. I have enough going on in my life. Junior-high games and soap-opera drama are not anything I need. The quickest way to bore me is to show mediocre interest, and little go-between games with my kid.

Work is work. Busier; aggravating. Still pulling freight from Minnesota... mid-October cannot get here fast enough...

Speaking of... oooh... we had COOL air and fog this morning! *jig* Fall is coming and I am psyched!!! Football, then basketball, hockey, Christmas, crock pot chili and baking home made bread (grandma's recipe).

I need a vacation. Fuck, I just need a weekend off with pay. I've worked every day since mid-May when Junior had graduation. I can't afford to take it off, but damn, I'm tired! Such a wuss am I.

Tater sent a really cool NASA video of shuttle preparation, and I can't figure out how to link the bitch to my blog... So, let me just say, it's pretty frickin' cool.

This is a unique personality test. There are only 4 questions but the results are very interesting. Share yours if you'd like... unless you're a fruitloop; then it's probably best you just keep it to yourself.

Dude, I have GOT to update my American Hero Worship blog. I have fundraiser shit for Soldiers' Angels, updates on some of our wounded folks, holiday projects for the Heroes...

*tearing hair out* Why don't I have any frickin' time???!!!

Oh, and my Spanish class? Fabuloso. No. Yo es estupido. No, no. MUY estupido. I try. REALLY hard. I can read it. Write it. Do you think I can come close to speaking it? Hell no. I can hear it in my mind. I know how it's supposed to sound. Lost in translation is the best I can come up with to define the garbled SHIT spewing forth from my lips. AAAAGGGGHHH. I should've taken it in high school instead of LATIN. Hello, MORON. oooh ooh... IDIOTO!!!

And math? meh, not so bad. When I DO IT... I'm not bored with the work. I'm overwhelmed with life. I had a good thing going on, then suddenly, I am knee-deep in world-spinning stuff and I have no time for me for fun.

RSM is still at basic training... I do miss his writing. Hurry back soldier!

I walked into an email from a former deployed Hero who is now stateside who wanted to "console me" in my time of sorrow at the second loss of my favorite team. He wanted to clarify he was NOT rubbing it in, NOT happy about it, and hoping I was dealing well with the pain. Don't you have a tank to paint or something???

And if one more person in the office tells me how surprised they are that Michigan could have screwed up two weeks in a row and knocked themselves out, I'm going to pop them in the mouth.

IT'S A STRATEGIC TACTIC TO ENSURE VICTORY IN THE 2008-2009 SEASON!!! We are planning ahead... we will sacrifice a year for the ultimate victory... So go blow yourselves.

Speaking of... CBNHITFEG (Cutie but not hottie IT foreign exchange guy) is growing a set. He walked up to me, handed me a can of compressed air, and told me to blow him. I beaned him on the side of the head with the can and told him to blow himself. Putz.

Off to beddy-bye...
Miss B

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Wien. said...

Regarding the personality test...things were going fine until I got the results back for question #2. My personality = loyal, My partner = independent (sorta), My enemies are dirty, I guess so, dirty rats, that fits. But when I got to the sex one? Smelly?? I don't like my sex to be smelly, at least I don't think I do. That was my first response to coffee...I guess I shoulda used my second thought...most people probably say 'hot or strong'. It was fun none the less.
Have a good week!