22 September 2007

Bright Spots

Today my new laptop keypad came in the mail. Woo hoo! More importantly, I looked halfway decent when the HMG (Hottie Mail Guy) came to deliver it to my door. Who knew I had such a good-looking mailman? *mental note* have lots of stuff to send and receive on Saturdays at 1130.

Now I have to take it into work and have the CBNHITFEG change it out for me. Normally I would be a bit apprehensive about this because we have a fairly rocky history. He's from a middle eastern country and we have had heated discussions about men and women. And of course, with this week's debacle of stupidity with the whole driver appreciation shit in which he participated the first day, he has not been high on my list of people to talk to, ever.

BUT this week he is acting different. Wednesday when it finally blew up at work, he was very quiet. The morning he spent ignoring me (of course, I WAS very foul and probably projected a "don't fuck with me or I will take great pleasure in beating the ever-living shit out of you" vibe) and later he stopped by to investigate my laptop. (I had taken it in to see if the maintenance guys could fix it - at least the 2 of the 5 keys I recovered from Junior's little babysitting escapade.) He showed me how the pieces fit back together and showed me where I could get a replacement board for less than it would cost to fix. (Most of this I know - degree in computer science/programming/networking, owned my own retail/repair shop for a few years.) I just find that if I play dumb sometimes, men relate better with me. Go figure. Later, he sat down in one of the chairs in front of my desk to read some paperwork. (His desk is directly behind me on the other side of a wall.) I was clicking through pages on my computer and he made a comment about me clicking so much. *raise eyebrow* I'm WORKing. Someone called him to help them and he left. A little while later, he came back and did the same. This time, I looked at him and asked if I could type something, or would it bother him and should I find something else to do? He just looked at me and said I could do whatever I wanted to, he was just reading. Then my boss - who sits across the room from me - made a point of saying that he could read that ANYWHERE in the office. (Is it me, or do I sense some sort of territorial guy thing going on?) I just continued working and he sat there for a while 'til someone else needed his help. I can't quite put my finger on it, because he didn't say anything. He just sat there quietly. It seemed as though he were watching over me. And he's being NICE. WTF is up with that??! He actually looked at my math homework with me and explained some things.

Yesterday, before I left work, I changed clothes (I had on a skirt), put my hair up, and was freshening my lip-liner/gloss at my desk about the time everyone was leaving. I had my little mirror up in front of me and was tracing my lips when I felt very odd. I look up to see CBNHITFEG watching me intensely. I moved the mirror over in front of me where he couldn't see. He asked if I had a hot date that night... told him no, I had to bartend because the owners were on vacation. Normally I don't on Friday. I cannot describe the expression on his face. Very weird.

Anyhow... back to the weekend. Busy night at the bar, but good over all. Back in today to waitress. Yay. I don't mind it, the tips are usually good. I just prefer my comfort zone.

And THEN... the best part... I have been stamped by Captain Smack!!! (Doesn't that just sound deliciously naughty? A girl could only dream!) Thanks, Captain... oily naked twister, my place, 2230... bring the wine. *wink* MAYBE if you're nice... we'll get Steph to come over too! I hear she falls down a lot, so naked twister with her ought to be a hoot!

Off to watch the MI-Penn State game (GO BLUE!!!) and bartend (I love working in a family-sports type bar/restaurant!) Enjoy your weekend!


Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

sounds a bit like he likes you. you know how it goes, pull the braids of the girl you really like. men are just too stupid to just come out and say it.

oily naked twister, sounds dangerous.

George said...

Don't worry so much about the dipsticks you work with ... you work with them, you don't have to be friends with them.

Oily, naked twister with you and Steph ... I would have a heart attack but what a way to go

Miss B said...

never would have thought of that, dotm... seriously, the man does not care for the independent female i am... it goes against his upbringing and nature.

george - i'm with you... i rarely make "work friends"... i'm always very careful about who knows what about me and my family/lifestyle. learned the hard way, younger.

lol... it would probably kill me too, but hell yea! she's a little hottie *wink* if only i went that way! *grin*