20 September 2007


~*~ What they Mean and Who they Are ~*~

Brickman - Junior's boss with whom she tried to set me up
Captain Crazy - my former soulmate
Junior - My oldest daughter
LBBB - Little Baby Bubby Boy - my only son and youngest child
Pickle - My youngest daughter
Skoshi - Rhymes with Yoshi - works with Junior

AYSG - Aggravating Young Sales Guy
CBNH - Cutie but Not Hottie
CBNHITFEG - Cutie but not hottie Info Tech foreign exchange guy
CBNHWM - Cutie but not hottie warehouse manager
FB&H - Free Beer ~N~ Hotwings Radio Show
HMG - Hottie Mail Guy
LHYG - Little hottie yard guy
LYG - Little Yard Guy who wants to date my daughter
NTTAWWT - Not that there's anything wrong with that
OMG - Oh my Gawd
OMFG - Oh my Fucking Gawd
SA - Soldiers' Angels
TOAB - Twat of a Bitch
TOAB2 - Twerp of a Boss
VBPA - Vicious Bitch Purchasing Agent
WTF - What the fuck?
YM - Yard Manager