14 August 2007

Better Safe than Sorry....

So I'm flippin' through my emails and news this morning, and I run across this header about 7 things you should have in your auto in case of emergency. I thought, hmm, ok, I'll check it out - see how I stack up...

Got that, yep, that too... that, that, that.... well hell, I have everything on the list. Damn, I'm good. heh. Seriously - that's all thanks to Captain Crazy. He told me years ago what I need to take with me in the truck, and I always kept the same in my personal vehicle.

Anyhow, check it out... you may laugh about the duct tape and electrical tape, but I have sealed a big truck airline with it long enough to get 2 miles down the road to get it fixed. In addition, I keep it all in a cardboard box (it really doesn't take up that much room and it stays organized) along with essential fluids (oil, antifreeze/coolant, brake fluid) as well as my scraper, a plug in defroster, jumper cables and a pair of work boots and heavy socks. (As ya'll know, I'm a barefoot or flip-flops kinda gal... walkin' 3 miles is not fun that way.) In the winter, I add a blanket, dried fruits/nuts, and half-filled water jugs (for expansion.) If you have any other ideas, please feel free to share for everyone... one can never be too prepared, and better over than under! (Prepared... jeez! *wink*)

Check out the link HERE...
As always, be safe!

miss b


Tater said...

They forgot a case of beer--just for emergencies mind you!


Miss B said...

Tater!!! *muah* hope all is well for you... of course! *smacks self in forehead* the BEER!!! It is now a part of my emergency kit! Thanks Buddy!