13 August 2007

Weekend Guests and Acts of Random Kindness...

Ok, so G calls me last Friday afternoon. Left a message: He needs a place to stay for the weekend. He and his girlfriend of 9 1/2 years split up last week. We worked together for nearly 6 years. I was good friends to both. I hadn't seen her in a couple years; I had coffee with him about a year ago when we were driving for the same place. The kids used to hang out at their farm with the horses.

So he tells me he needs a place to crash, get out of the truck while it's in the shop. No problem. They let me stay there for a few weeks when I first moved back to the area and was living in my car. No brainer. We used to joke around about stuff, but never did anything happen. I wouldn't do anything like that to her in her own home, and I never was one to chase after someone else's man.

G was a fun guy. Sense of humor - amazing. When I was dispatching, he'd come in for his run every morning 415. By 419, everyone in the office was rolling. He was truly entertaining and we always looked forward to him coming in.

So, I call my best friend (who I totally forgot was working at the restaurant) and leave a message. "G called me, wants to crash at my place, broke up with J. Freakin' out here, wtf? Call me back."

So I'm on my way home, get the message and call him back. "'Sup?" (I'm so totally cool. heh) Catch up on a couple things. No problem. Give him directions, and hang up.

Driving home, I pass this truck sitting in the middle of the other lane. *sigh* Turn around. Roll up, put my passenger window down, ask him if he's ok. Yep. Broke down. No phone with him. Offer him the use of mine. Older guy about 60. He calls a friend to come get him. I check with him again before taking off... he's good. Cool.

Race home. To a disaster of a house. Junior's at work. Do a power clean for an hour. Curl my hair. (Hey, I can't let an old friend see me looking like a hag.) Finishing up as he calls to tell me he's at the end of the road. Meet him outside and show him up. Catch up on some of the old workplace gossip. He grabs a shower and we decide to go to Pizza Hut and terrorize my daughter. (Last time he saw her was about 7 years ago). He is amazed. Wants to know where the switch is that I flipped to make her turn out so well. Heh, yea. The hickory switch. While we're there the bf calls, wants details, figures out we're at dinner and I can't talk. We hang up with girl code for "I'll give you details tomorrow at the bar."

Anyhow, back to the apartment, watch a movie. He crashes on the couch and me on the loveseat. (He's tall, I'm short.) Seriously. I'm totally comfortable with not having anything go on. Besides, a week and a half? C'mon. Baggage; drama; so not into the ex-friend thing.

Up in the morning. Chit-chat some more. Watch another movie. I get ready for work, he runs up to the yard to check on the truck and do some running around. Says he'll come to the restaurant for dinner later. Cool. Whatever.

I get to work. We're crazy busy with some sort of lakefest bar hopping putt putt golf thing. R (the bf) asks me about it... waggles her eyebrows, (she likes him) and thinks I need to find SOMEONE so that we can all hang out together, play games, go out to eat... blah blah blah. I tell her it's just not there. I do, however, fill her in on the Brickman.

G comes in later. He and R talk for awhile. (We all worked together before.) He eats, and hangs out for awhile. I tease him about the little 24 year old other bartender who keeps chatting him up. He heads back to the apartment; I tell him I'll be done about an hour.

Well, I finish up and head home. Stop at the gas station and one of the other waitresses is there with her daughter. She has a tire that is hissing and losing air as fast as she puts it in. So we get her some fix a flat and work on it. She doesn't realize it doesn't take the whole can. *boom* yep. Blew the fucker. heh.

So she pulls out the spare; I grab my gloves from the Jeep. She teases me... "Yep, you can tell you drive a truck." Just shut your girly ass up and hand me the jack. We work on it, but I can't free the lugnuts. Luckily, a very nice gentleman (with a very cranky wife waiting in the suv) helps us and I'm on my way.

This good samaritan shit is for the birds.

Anyhow, back to the apartment. Tell G the goings-on. Chit chat. Pass out. I'm tellin' ya, nothing happened. Which was cool. Next morning, breakfast out. I haven't been out to eat with someone in years. It was fun. Then we hit Walmart. Did the guy thing (electronics) and the girl thing (groceries). Then back home to get ready for work.

He decided to come out to the restaurant to watch the race. Heh. Gordon almost had it... darn shame. lol. Anyhow. R was givin' me the "uh huh" looks. Knock it the hell off. Putz. Hung out for awhile, then took off to get into Chicago before morning.

Done working, back home. Fighting with my stupid computer to load Shockwave so I can take my Spanish course. Argh. Shower, and I was done. It was weird. I rarely spend time alone with men. It's kinda cool having men friends that don't expect anything. I actually had FUN.

And Brickman ~ on vacation this week with his son. The plan is a movie when he gets back. (If he remembers and calls - we'll see.) *grin* Junior was concerned when she saw me hanging out with G. I had to assure her there was nothing - she gets a bit freaked out by men in the house - and that Brickman was still a viable option. However, since she turned of age, this is the first time she came home fairly early two nights in a row and actually stayed home. *giggle*
So I'm thinkin'... it was a really good weekend. I even had a good day at work today. There will be none of this "things are looking up" bullshit. We know better!
And go wish Miss Steph a happy birthday... she's a beautiful woman who has far more fun than I do (and probably more batteries!) *hugs* babygirl... glad you had much fun!
Peace all...

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