06 July 2007

Crazy Day

Another head-spinning, can't concentrate, just want to drive until I run out of road kind of day...

Everyone is gone... :(

Tater's not allowed to visit anymore during the day
Wien is out of the country
Daniel is out of his country
RSM is off playing soldier ;)
The kids are off doing the teen thing
All my heroes are offline

*crosses arms and pouts* and I don't want to do any homework.


Certis said...

Hey... HEY... Still here you know!

Tsss... Not enough for you i guess...

*sobs quietly in the corner*

Miss B said...

*ruffles hair* oh now, certis, you know i know you're always there... you and George are my stable buddies that I count on to give me smiles...

so man up and quit yer bawlin' ya pansy.

luv ya!

Wien. said...

Hey Miss B,
I'm gone, but haven't forgotten about you. I'm checking in while in Mex. with my neighbor's computer, a luxury I will not have access to in a few days, as we will be moving on south where we will not even have electricity. I can't read all of your posts, as time is not on my side right now, but hope all is well with you and your life today. Saludos from Baja!