07 July 2007

Movin' Up in the Ranks

As you may know, I work with Soldiers' Angels giving time and efforts to making sure our deployed soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors (Heroes for short) know we care about them and support them wherever they may have to be.

I started out by adopting my first Hero (Allen) who is now home safe. During his deployment, I joined the Letter Writing Team as a writer and wrote many letters to others. They may enjoy getting letters at mail call over there, but we love it just as much back here when we get an envelope that says "Free Mail" on it. That, and stalking my mail carrier is much fun on a boring weekend morning as well!

I remember when I got my first "stripe." I was accepted and promoted to a Team Leader for the LWT, and started my own small command of 6 writers. 8 months later, I have nearly 80 writers I coordinate. Not just satisfied with sending them their names am I; I have "letter-raisers" and special projects where I collect many letters from team members and send them in bulk to large groups as well.
During this time, I have taken on another "adoptee" (Doug) as well as several "unofficial" soldiers with whom I speak on a regular basis. Doug will be home within a few months (God willing) and I will start over again with a new one.

I am also a member of the Wounded TLC team. We send cards and letters to those who have been injured and are recovering back in the States. This is tough. How does one begin to say thank you to someone who lost a limb, or has been burned terribly? This is a tough one.

I then got a second "stripe." I was accepted to help out with the Angels' website in various forms (I have a degree in Computer Programming) and coordinate the data for the leaders so they can get information out to everyone. This was a pretty exciting time.

I'm proud to say, I've now moved up again. I have been assigned as a mentor, helping new angels as they start their journey with SA. I look forward to the challenge, and hope to guide many more to helping our troops keep up spirits and morale.

So, tell me folks... what's a third stripe mean?


Steph said...

You really are a real life angel for what you do.
Imagine the amount of hearts you've touched with your mere words?

Miss B said...

I appreciate that Steph; some days it's difficult conveying just how strongly I feel about these folks. And the time spent is nothing compared to what they give.

No angel here, just a thankful citizen... :)