14 June 2007


I'm talkin' with my good friend, T, from the place I used to work with the Twat of a Bitch who used me up, spit me out and left me to wither to nothingness, about how I'm no longer bitter about the whole debacle. Heh.

No, really, I'm not... karma did it's thing, and I am at peace. I KNOW what I'm worth and what I can do; TOAB also now knows and I am vindicated.

Anyhow, we're hangin' out, eatin' pizza, dishing about all the mutual friends we have and where she's going from here. I used to work for the company to which she's going... total night and day from where she's been the last seven years. She's a little nervous. Can't blame her. Changing jobs can be pretty brutal. Good thing is she worked with 2 of the people there before (transportation is a small world) so it will be less stressful.

We get back to when we used to work together for TOAB, how much fun we had when I had them do the Wal~mart squiggle, talking about naked twister and eating chocolate. Hey, I was a cool boss. We got stuff done, and we blew off steam in a high-stress environment.

There was a whiteboard in the back of the room by my area. On this board, we put available trucks up for the week so any of the dispatchers could look up and know what trucks needed loads. We put problem loads up there and brainstormed solutions. I also had a "Dispatcher of the day" section and a couple other little things here and there that helped. (Motivational sayings, etc.)

On the top left corner of this board, I had the letters YCFS. (Borrowed from some comedian, don't remember who-- may have been Bill Engvall.) Anyhow, we all knew what it meant, as it was put on the board shortly after TOAB did something really beyond comprehension that just threw the whole department into a spin. We'd just refer to it and go about our way, knowing there was nothing we could do to change her, but we could get through the chaos together.

FF to summer; I'm let go. This remains on the board. They continue using it for awhile. One day, TOAB is out in the dispatch area, and notices the YCFS on the board.

"What's that for?" She asks everyone; all of whom look down, away, anywhere but at her and try not to laugh out loud.

M, being the quick wit she is, and knowing full well that should the real meaning behind those letters come out, even if TOAB doesn't know it's specifically aimed at her and her boss, all hell will break loose and it will be even worse on them, says, "Yellow Canaries Fly South."

TOAB looks at her. M holds her stare. "Oh." Beat. "Ok." She then walks back to her office, and a fit of giggles runs through the room like you wouldn't believe. To this day she's never caught on.

So that, dear Tater, is where the story of my little blurb began. I love stupidity because it's usually pretty hilarious. Not undereducated stupidity; no frickin' common sense stupidity. So I keep it here to remind me that I will be fine; I will survive. No matter what anyone does, I will retain my sense of humor and move on.

And, that You Can't Fix Stupid...

miss b

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