14 June 2007

Voices on the Radio

So I'm headed down to Zanesville one night, runnin' across 70 with a male driver from another company. We're just chit-chattin' along, nothing vulgar, nice guy.

We're rollin' past a get-off for a fuel stop. He says something to me; I answer. Then we hear this female voice on a big radio say, "Wow, that was a sexy-soundin' voice." I remain quiet, he pipes up (in an incredulous voice,) "Who me?"

"No," the voice says. "That sexy-soundin' female who's talkin' out there."

Ok. "Um, thanks." What else am I supposed to say? When I'm in the truck, I'm workin', not trollin' for people, especially people of the female persuasion. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

"How 'bout you come see me over here?" she says.

I giggle. "No, thanks, ma'am. I appreciate the offer, but I don't swing that way."

"C'mon honey, once you try it, I guarantee you'll like it."

Now, I'm losing my patience. I've been polite. I've declined. STF up already and let me get back to a conversation I was actually enjoying.

"No thank you. Have a nice night." Ok, I KNOW you think I would have let loose with a barrage of profanity-laced witty repartee, and in another situation, I may have. The guy I was running with was very nice, polite... I would have scared him.

"Alright, but if you change your mind..."

I went back to my other conversation. I told him I'd never had something like THAT happen to me on the road. Had a lot of fellas want to talk to me 'coz that's just what they do when they hear a female voice; never a woman. He kinda chuckled, said it was a first for him too.

So I make my stop in Zanesvilles, pump off my load.. *wink* Stop it. I hauled grain in a pneumatic (forced air) tank. Dirty minds, jeez.

I'm headed back home. We always fuel at the same place. Just happened to be that truck stop where we had that weird conversation earlier. It was four hours later, didn't think much about it. I was tired, and just wanted to be done. I had come in from Toronto the night before, and was about 7.5 hours over where I should have been. I needed sleep.

I roll up to the fuel island; pretty empty, good. Fuel up, walk in to use the restroom and grab a drink. I get done doing my thing in the bathroom, wash my hands, and as I'm drying them someone opens the door to enter the restroom.

I swear to God, it looked like a man. I had to stop myself from telling it it was in the wrong one. Quick scan - no Adam's apple, boobs. Hmm. Then the strangest thing happened.

This "thing" looked me up and down like I was a Playboy stripper and she was Hugh Hefner. Ew. Then, in that voice from just a few hours ago it said, "hey there, good mornin'."


I do not look like a guy. I do not act like a guy. I am able to drive a truck, but there are lots of women that can do male-oriented jobs and still be very feminine. It's not like I wanna bury my face in some woman's bush. *remembering* although, I have been offered money to do so on film by some sick fuckers at a low-grade trucking company... anyhow...

hello, fellas, still with me? STOP IT - didn't happen.

So, I blow outta there, feeling like a cheap piece of meat. I call my best friend, who, btw, is openly gay(NTTAWWT), and tell her I felt so totally violated. She laughed, and asked if I could hook her up. Sick bitch. I love her!


Some days I miss the road...

miss b


Tater said...

I have been offered money to do so on film by some sick fuckers at a low-grade trucking company... anyhow...

hello, fellas, still with me? STOP IT

Huh? What?? I’m sorry what were you saying??? ;-)


Miss B said...

putz :P~~~~

sick, twisted putz, of course... that's why i like ya! lol

*ahem* uh, up here, buddy... ;)