14 June 2007

Flag Day USA 14 June 2007

Today brings to mind so many things... I've been waiting over a week for this day to come.
I love the American flag. I love what it symbolizes. I love the tears that form every, single time I cover my heart, say my pledge of allegiance, and sing my national anthem.

As I become more educated, and more aware of the world around me, I realize more and more with each passing day just what it means to live under this flag. I see how fortunate I am, how good my life is comparatively, and I see when I am given many restrictions, just how important my freedom has become to me.

I cannot adequately describe how much I love the American flag and for what it stands. My favorite line from the movie “The Last Castle” with Robert Redford has him speaking to James Gandolfino at the end, “It’s not YOUR flag.” Not a critically acclaimed movie, but when I watched it quite awhile back for the first time, I began to glimpse a true meaning for the military’s love of and sacrifice for their country… all based on this Star Spangled Banner.

And it’s not my flag. It’s my country; it’s my freedom; it’s my way of life. But it is not my flag. It is the flag of thousands of men who fought and died to keep her flying tall. It is the flag of a country born of independence and freedom. It is why we live the way we do today.

I have two flags; both given to me by a very dear Hero who brought me to another level of understanding about the American soldier. They are folded carefully, waiting for the time I can display them proudly. One day I will own a home, where I will have the standard size flag encased and displayed, and the larger one waving gracefully in the wind, reminding everyone who goes by that I am an American, and I love our flag. This is a dream of mine. I can do this in this country. Why? Because of that flag waving proudly over everyone.

Don’t just be proud of the flag today. Be proud of this flag EVERY DAY. Acknowledge it when it passes you in a parade. See it through fresh eyes when you say the Pledge of Allegiance at a sporting event. Know what the Star Spangled Banner is talking about when you sing.

Thank you, all my Heroes, for protecting this symbol of our great nation. I love you all.


An angel's perspective on the American Flag... she says it much more eloquently than I ever could...

Thanks Kat! *hugs*


More on the American Flag... as info



Kat said...

Thank you for the link and you said it just fine.

It is not "my" flag. It is the flag of many and it represents the best of America and our ideas.

God bless our country, our troops and may our flag wave forever.

Steph said...

I think what I like most about American's is your passion and patriotism.

Well said.

Miss B said...

Thank you, Kat... and ditto!
miss b

steph - thanks, hon. we are an awesome bunch - I don't care what the rest of the world says about us... heh. :) much appreciated from down under!