13 June 2007


The last couple days have caught up with me. I can barely keep my eyes open sitting at my desk...

Dealing with all the crap brought up from the neighbor girl down the hall...

Trouble sleeping again, too much running round my head. Had a meeting with the bosses yesterday, of course, after I have resolved to move on in another direction. *sigh* This is why I hate making decisions. Always, something happens. Later on that.

I am envious, RSM. But so damn proud.

Have to catch up homework, get 200 letters out by tomorrow morning(Project Major S and Project Capt H are a success!) and a care package for my adopted Hero, plus another for one of my "unofficials". Clean my house, clean out the jeep, and find time to meet two people for dinner this week. My daughter and a good friend. Neither of which I will push off; I don't get to spend enough time with them as it is.

Sorry folks, I'm toast for the day...
Miss B


Tater said...


Hot bath, cold beer.

Reapply as required till feeling better!


Miss B said...

Thanks Doc! ;)

rsm said...

decisions weren't that easy. Obvious, yes, but not easy.

And I'm nervous. But about the cabin. Not the other stuff.

Miss B said...

I understand the difficult decisions, even glaring ones are not always simple to stand behind.

I will do anything I can to help you with your nervousness rsm... I'm ready for a change, how about I inhabit your cabin and keep it all nice and shiny for your return? Round about then I oughta be ready to move on again! ;)