12 June 2007

~*~ Wedding Bells ~*~

No, not mine, ya fruitloop...

One of the owners of the company has a young daughter getting married in December. So, of course, that's been the main topic of conversation since last October. The dress, the church, the decorations, the flowers... blah blah blah. Didn't have a church wedding, can't relate.

Anyhow, it IS fun to watch how excited she gets; she's very much looking forward to this wedding. I've met the girl; nice young lady. *Nod* *smile* *mental grocery list* We're in the HR guy's office and she's freaking out over something, so I do my usual "try to add some levity" to the situation.

Me: It's always so much fun to hear you talk about your daughter's wedding. Maybe I'll get to plan one someday, too.

HR guy and Owner: *chuckle*

Me: Yea, it'll be cool. *sigh* Nice dress, pretty church, which kid's gonna wheel me down the aisle in a wheelchair. I'll have my brother be best man so he can lift the oxygen mask off my man's face for the kiss...

HRG & O: *laughter* Oh now, it'll be sooner than that...

uh-huh... holdin' my breath


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