12 June 2007

Karma Chameleon...

I love Karma. Not so much when it comes round and kicks my ass, but quite a lot when it does it to some other deserving, selfish, self-serving, underhanded, sneaky, little twat of a bitch and the eunuch that allows it to happen.

But, I digress...

Again, word from the old job, that 2 of the 4 remaining dispatchers from my old team quit, no notice, last Thursday night.

Today, 2 weeks notice from the one who's been there the longest, is impeccable about details, and the only one left who knows how to do the job.

Let's see, add 1, subtract pi~, multiply by madness... that puts the total to:

~1 Customer Service person who knows how to do the job (started in dispatch, railroaded out) who has been thrown back into the mix to keep the place afloat.
~1 Dispatcher from the original group who can't do the job
~3 fairly new dispatchers against whom a toad would have a better chance of doing the job
~2 new trainees on 2nd shift who are still learning to do the job
~and, *ahem* my old boss (yep, that would be the deserving, selfish, self-serving, underhanded, sneaky, little twat of a bitch), you know, Vice President of Customer Development (Sales) working third shift dispatch, who can't do the job to save her (or the company's) life


Pardon me.

I gave the company 2 years after I left. Next month will be one year, and they are barely recoverable at this time. When the others find out the longest-time dispatcher is gone, I bet they lose 2 more. And the drivers, they tend to get a little spooked when the dispatchers start leaving. And they're still reeling from the other two quitting last week.

hmmm.... they've shut down 2 automotive plants in the last 2 weeks, to the tune of about 30 grand each. Sent over 25% of their contract loads to an expedite service continually for months on end.

6 months - as things go now, they'll file reorganization or close completely


they could hire back 4 of the old dispatchers who knew how to do the job(2 of whom I'm not sure would come back - it would be a stretch after this much time), get rid of the 4 on days who just draw a paycheck, talk the long-time girl into staying, and hire a stellar 3rd shift employee. Close down all but any automotive running over the shutdown. (2 week period in July where auto plants typically close down for maintenance) Give back all lanes for which they cannot cover, and are not profitable. Sell off some of the equipment that isn't being utilized anyway because they can't retain drivers. Revamp the orientation process for drivers. Re-train dispatch; good, solid training that emphasizes communication and procedures. Re-open after shutdown. 30 days, and you will see an upswing start in both income and metrics. By the end of 6 months, they could be profitable.

But, what do I know?

I hate to see anyone lose their jobs, especially an entire company full of people. Even more so because of blatant stupidity or ineptness. I know how it feels to be suddenly *bam* jobless, looking at homelessness, and scrambling to keep it together.

But you can't help those who don't help themselves... they had the tools, they had the right people, and they pissed them away...

*singing* karma karma karma karma kar-ma chameleeeeeoonnnn...


Tater said...

You need to put your "Can't fix Stupid" sign back up.

Why don't you send 'em a resume, tell 'em you'd come back for a mere 30% pay raise over your last salary there.

Worse they could do is say no...

George said...

You look a lot better than boy george

Miss B said...

lol, tater, i just adore you... i didn't think anyone noticed my YCFS bit... there's a story behind that as well...

they couldn't afford me now ~ ;)

aww, thank you georgie *muah* but he does sing better and he always did have the most kick-ass makeup job... heh.

Wien. said...

I was thinking about that make up, and the dumb hat....

Karma. I believe in it, but hate waiting for it to happen. Patience is not one of my virtues...You seem to have it.

Miss B said...

*hugs* Wien... it wasn't always so... and i am patient about somethings, others not so much. i work very hard to maintain composure some moments... :)

it WILL come around, hon. just focus on your babygirl and making sure she is well.