18 May 2007

Military Appreciation Day

Just a reminder May 19th is Military Appreciation Day. So if you get a chance, say "Thanks" to someone doing so much for us!

I'll be out and about early Saturday morning at a 5K Run/Walk in Harrison, OH at a fundraiser for Soldiers' Angels through a local church. Um, I'll be the one passed out and waiting for an ambulance at the first 1/4 mile mark. :)

Kidding, folks, I will probably make it to about the 1.5 mile mark before I need oxygen. Gawd, you can tell I've been working behind a desk for 2 years... although, I do believe my ass is firmer from having followed my trainer all around the bar last night... ;) I should be bomb by the end of summer~if they keep me! I hope they keep me... *giggle*

Anyhow, back to the subject at hand. Thank a Hero. Seriously. They uphold the Constitution under which you live, giving you the right to be whatever you want to be; they protect us from attack from other very bad people. Period.

Do it, 'cause I am in a foul mood and I WILL kick your ass.

Gregory, David, Marci, Becky, Allen, Joel, Tater, Jersey, Brandon, and all the Heroes home and abroad, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You for being my Heroes. You folks are loved. *sniff* can I have your Bud Light?

Miss B

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