18 May 2007

E Pluribus Unum

Now, I'm aggravated.

I peruse a few blogs for amusement daily. One of them being Scott Adams' (creator of Dilbert comic) because he is at times, funny, other times not so much. The responses of his viewers however, can be quite comical if you have time to read through the hundreds of them.

Anyway... today he speaks of telling young men (18-21) to not enlist in the Armed Services and bring this thing to a grinding halt within the next 3 years. I'm. really. not. amused. http://dilbertblog.typepad.com/the_dilbert_blog/2007/05/dont_enlist.html

I don't like the war; I hate that our Heroes are dying. I like having a strong military that can go in and kick some ass if we need to, and protect ourselves. I know not everyone likes America and what it stands for; to each their own. If I had grown up in a different culture, who knows? Maybe I'd prefer the politics of the other countries. Right now, it's a stretch to keep up with our own.

Man, just pull our folks out, bring them back here and plant them around our borders. If the other countries don't want us near them, cool... we have enough to amuse ourselves with now. Quite frankly, we have all the outside visitors we need. Ya'll don't like us, but you'll come over here for education, subsidies, and a handout. Well, let's put an end to that bullshit. Take your happy asses back home, we'll keep on keepin' on over here. How about ending all the pc stupidity, and get back to Americans living in America?

Oh yes, I responded.

I'm so thankful we have the ones who choose to enlist there to protect everyone's free speech rights.

Sure, it may bring a temporary stall to the forefront. Then 3-5 years from now when our military is weak and overtaxed, we'll be calling a draft to protect ourselves from being overrun by outside terrorist groups, inner militia groups, and other countries who have been lying in wait for us to do something so assinine.

Now or later. Even in peacetime, those who enlist know that they could be called to war any given time. That's part of the job. We've been fortunate to have kept it off our soil (save the bombings at Pearl Harbor), and quite frankly, I'd be most happy to leave it that way.

Slowing down the enlistments will also wear down the ones who already serve even more. It's not logical.

I hate that our men and women are dying; I am glad they are here to keep me living in a lifestyle to which I don't always like, but I sure love. Where's the pride? Who stands up for America as a country? The mentality is now "what's in it for me?" and no longer "E Pluribus Unum".
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Miss Behavin May 18, 2007 at 07:32 AM

Man, one solution to create a myriad of problems. Not to mention the veterans who have read it who are made to feel like shit because they did their duty (is it really so much to ask to, for a short while, protect the country in which you live and which affords you a pretty decent lifestyle?) and have their fellow "countrymen" (I use this term loosely folks) tell youngsters to forget protecting us, just ignore it. (Tree huggin' hippie bitches).

Great, now I'm fucked off and I have no one on whom to take it out. Bastard. He's banned from my list of entertainment.

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