18 May 2007

Pet Peeves

To match the mood of the day...

~*~ People at work who drip on the seat and don't wipe - ugh.

~*~ Same said people who leave pubes on the seat. Bastards.

~*~ People who make gestures and noises to indicate they are handicapped. I have a nephew with cerebral palsy; it just pisses me off.

~*~ People who sneer while they are speaking to you, as if you are less than them.

~*~ Lousy tippers. heh.

~*~ People who drive the speed limit.

~*~ People who don't drive the speed limit.

~*~ Tailgaters who ride so close to your ass you can't see their grill.

~*~ Truck drivers who talk on the cell phone while driving, but not hands-free.

~*~ Dumbasses who pull out in front of big trucks

~*~ Morons who pass, then slam on their brakes and turn left in front of me.

~*~ Stupid humor


Wien. said...

Speaking of pet peeves, I hate the squat and sprayers as well. If they're gonna sprinkle, then they should at least have the decency to lift the seat first.

Regarding sneer talkers-interupt them by quietly telling them that they've got something in their nose.That will totally throw them off of their high horse.

I hate lousy tippers too. I ran a restaurant for 2 years. Pennies in the tip jar? Please. I saw a sign on a tip jar that read, "God knows when you don't tip" That was classic. I never had the nerve to try that one though.

I hate people who do anything behind the wheel besides drive the damn car. Makeup, celphones, reading the paper, eating with a fork while holding the plate. Drive with their knees so their hands can be free.

Oh, and my other favorite, passing on the right hand shoulder instead of patiently waiting to move ahead, or Snakes who know they need to get over a lane, but wait till the very end and try to look innocent as they scootch in.

People who don't pick up their dog shit. That one really bugs.

Miss B said...

wein~you woulda seen the pass-on-the-shoulder and the scootch in on my way down to ky last night. i had 2 little boys of ethnicity in a little stupid car come racing up to the end of the cones and i thought, "nah, you had a MILE to get over" so I kept goin'. Well, the window was open and I heard him say "bitch" and he gave me a dirty look... so of course, in my present mood, i let loose with a "f~*~ you", they moved in front of me and flipped me off, I responded in kind. Then we got back to where all the lanes opened up, and they were "waiting" on me to come up beside them... ok, i'm feisty, but not stupid... they looked like gang members, acted like gang members, so i hedged my bets and let them drive off... who needs shot when your kid's in the er, right? assholes. :)