08 May 2007


I am happy to say that finally (!) I'm seeing it happen...

Backtrack: Was talked into taking a job 2 years ago working as a department manager for someone I worked with at a PREVIOUS place. Ok, no sweat. Got the money I asked for. I can DO the job. She knew it. I DID the job. The numbers were up and down in the places they needed to be, morale was good, and it was a place I looked forward to going. Was a good year.

Out of nowhere, I'm done. Escorted out. Reason given: "poor work perfomance." WTF? No write-ups, no issues, there every day, more hours than were healthy... found out later it was the original plan. Bring me in, pay me well, teach the others what they needed to know to do the job, then done. Bitch. And if you know her, you know she's like that.

So, back to the old place where I used to drive. I hated leaving that job in the first place. One of the kids was getting in trouble; I needed to be home every night, at night. The old company didn't need a driver; they needed a transportation coordinator. No problem, I can do that as well. Love the place, like the people, hate the job. But it puts food on the table. Deal is, I'm making about a third what I was. It's been a rough year. There was no Christmas, I'm struggling to have any kind of Graduation for my oldest, and I've been selling off whatever I don't really need because you do what you gotta do. Looks like I'll be moving again soon. Or taking on a second job. Again. This is the first time since the kids were young that I have not worked two jobs, or more. I'm not looking forward to it. Not fair to the kids, not their fault. They've been really supportive. Anyhow...

Karma 1: During a meeting of the department heads a couple months ago, it comes out from the President who authorized my termination that "dispatch ran more effectively when Miss B was here. Whose idea was it to let her go"? Thank You. For 2 reasons: 1) I knew that; I wanted you to admit it. 2) The person who talked him into letting me go had to answer whose idea it was to do that. That would be the Vice Prez of Outside Sales (who I worked for, who used me, who fired me-well, kinda... ran scared to lunch while the Comptroller walked me out.) :)

Karma 2: During a different meeting of the department heads a few weeks ago, the metrics (scores/grades for running auto parts for one of the largest auto manufacturers) are discussed. Prez wants to know why the numbers are consistently down and how long it had been going on this way. Quality Control person says, "It's been dropping steadily since Miss B was let go." And the numbers prove it. 1) Morale sucks; none of the employees care and they're outta control. 2) I knew how to handle the department to make them care about their job - now it's just a paycheck to them.

Karma 3: (Three is my "number.") VPOS, who hired, used, and fired (kinda) me, is now officially no longer VPOS. She is, instead, just outside sales. With no power, no play, no nothing. Just has to get out and sell their company. She can barely drag her sorry ass to work before 9 every morning. And they kept track; between January and October of last year, she missed 43 days, not including vacation and scheduled time off. 43 days. I have not taken, missed or used accumulated vacation days off totalling that amount in the 20 years I've been working. Seriously. In the previous 7 years, I have missed one day of work because I was too sick to drive myself. Prior to that, 4 years. Again, I digress...

It does come around. I do what I need, I treat people decent, and I don't do stupid stuff when people mistreat me.

It's around. I am vindicated. Life is good. heh.

*hugs* (and a little smirk)
Miss B

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