04 May 2007

Promenade 2007

Miss Lacey Nicole... 17, Senior
Prom 2007
3 more weeks babygirl... hang in there!
I'm very proud of you; you have grown up to be quite the little woman.
Never let anyone tell you you "can't".
Never let anyone make you feel less than you.
Never forget you are loved.
Always live.
Always laugh.
Always love.


Anonymous said...

Now there's a beautiful young lady! Don't blame you a bit for being proud of her.

Hope graduation goes well, does she have college plans yet?


Miss B said...

Thanks Tater~ I am VERY proud of her. She walked away from a drug problem, is graduating on the honor roll, has been accepted to college in Early Childhood Development (love working with kids, they love her.)

I look forward to knowing her as an adult...

Miss B