23 May 2007

I just want some frickin' ice cream...

is that too much to ask?

Ok, maybe it's not so much the ice cream as it is everyone in the office was asked, except me. This is not the first time this has happened. And I truly don't think it's intentional, it's just I'm forgotten. Normally, I get along great with the others.

Last week, we were ordering from the local tavern. I spent 5 minutes during break chitchatting with the girls who were going down there to pick it up. We talked about what we were going to order. So about 10 minutes before lunch started (which is when someone usually goes to pick it up,) I wander back that way to put my order in and ask who I needed to give my money to for lunch. They looked at me like I had 3 heads. Then it was, "Oh my God... I'm so sorry." Yes, you are. By that time, the pick-up person had already picked up and was on her way back.

Today, again same thing. We order once in awhile from the local creamery - it's only open seasonally. Ice cream sounded good. It's almost 90 outside. It's been a shitty day.

I walked into work this morning to find out that my MS truck backed out on me YESTERDAY AT 2:30PM and NO ONE CALLED ME to let me know. This I find out at 8:20 this morning. Problem: We are out of product, takes 2-3 weeks to reschedule a load, our next load is not until mid-next-month, it's produce season and trucks are scarce. I have called every broker I know of, posted on 7 different freight sites, and am about to take the jeep down and pick it up.

How hard is it to pick up a damn phone? I'm tellin' ya, some of those places would be a great place to start a trucking company. If you were unable to complete your job, would you not let SOMEONE know so that damage control can be done? We have customers waiting to come in and pick this stuff up when the truck gets here. This is the part of the job I really despise; incompetence. Can't yell at them, because I still need their help today. However, they are now banned from any future freight. And he had the nerve to tell me that he yelled at his employees, but they were "waiting on him to show so he could call and get yelled at." fucken morons. I'd have had a few less employees.

I finished my Proficiency in Writing final last night. With the pending move, graduation, the graduation party, and the 2 jobs, it's been a bit hectic. I'm not thrilled with what I've turned in so far, but I could blow it completely and still walk out of there with an A. I just don't like substandard work in anything I do. And unfortunately, I expect the same of people I work with or hire to work for me.

Argh. I thought maybe a nice chocolate malt, or maybe a small snickers sundae with caramel and nuts would be just the ticket to make this day a little more tolerable...

Am I being too much of a bitch?

Too bad.

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