22 May 2007

Grain Haulin' Tanker Yanker

I'm yankin' my tank
or haulin' my hopper
climbin' on top
or playin' on bottom
friends who know me
know when i'm sleepin'
leave me a message
have a safe day

heh... this was the voicemail you would hear when i was a full-time driver and i was running the pneumatic system on the tank (very loud) or emptyin' my hopper wagon (very time consuming) and i couldn't get to my phone...

my driver friends loved it (2 of them had to call back and listen to it twice, one of whom said he was turned on--fruitloop!)

i'd forgotten that occasionally my boss would call *oops-blush* and heard it. he thought it was pretty humorous...

my mother was appropriately shocked. *giggle*

now i'm in the office so i have the standard "can't take your call right" now message...

i was cool when i was a driver

miss b


Tater said...

"climbin' on top
or playin' on bottom..."

Got no idea what that means, but with my perverted mind, it sounds kinda sexy!


Miss B said...

hey tater... you're back to commenting un-anonymously... cool.

lmao... "climbin' on top" was when i was on top of my tank flippin' the levers to open/lock down my lids. "playin' on bottom" was when i was under the hopper openin' doors to let the product out.

heh, you naughty boy! wait til i tell ya about flippin' levers and draggin' hoses... *wink*