23 May 2007

Mix it up...

Ok, I know I've been promising, and it's just one of those days, so I'm gonna say "f~*~ it" and blog. It's not like I'm getting my freight in MS picked up anytime the rest of this f~*~en month anyway... right?

And I've been lurking, so I'm going to share. Some are fun, some are definitely for the mature crowd (18+) and some are just flat-out hilarious. And I'm sure I'll forget half of them, so I want to do this while I remember SOME of them... if you're offended by adult humor or content, then most of these are not for you. And I'm surprised you still hang out here. But I digress.

no hugs yet, 'coz I'm still pissy, but I hope you're havin' a good day...
miss b

muchadoaboutsumthin.blogspot.com (Miss Steph ~ so hilarious, and quite the following)
captainsmack.blogspot.com (Captain-courtesy of Miss Steph: thanks hon! and he is a fucking riot.)
kavanf1.wordpress.com (heh. he's a hoot. period.)
theheritagesisters.blogspot.com (honey with the psycho ex... those are always fun. ;) )
bikersballsandteacherstits.blogspot.com (most definitely for the adults - but they are real)

I found a couple more really fun ones, but I don't have them bookmarked here at work, so another post, another day...

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