24 May 2007

Another Sad Day...

I want so much to file this under Foul and Pissy, because I just hate this kind of news. It reminds me of the previous Heroes that were killed this way. My God, I have kids almost this age. I'm so sad. I've been scouring the news to hear if we found them yet; I know we've been massively searching for them. Each day I find it more difficult to do my Angel duties. Not because I'm "bored" or have a "passing patriotic moment" as some do, but because our job is to keep morale up. How do we do that when we're so frickin' frustrated and sad? What do you say to someone 15,000 miles away that can make it any better? It cycles around. The longer we do it, the harder it is to even fake a smile. And that's rough on me. I love these folks. I have always loved our Military. I know the opportunities I've had as a single female in education and lifestyle. I LOVE my country and everyone who supports it. I need an attitude adjustment. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment, because I'm running out of things to say about this that aren't depressing.
miss b

The military confirmed Thursday that the body found a day earlier in the Euphrates River south of Baghdad was that of Pfc. Joseph Anzack Jr., who had been missing since militants ambushed his unit nearly two weeks ago.

Anzack, 20, was one of three soldiers who vanished after their combat team was ambushed May 12 about 20 miles outside Baghdad. Five others, including an Iraqi, were killed in the ambush, subsequently claimed by al-Qaida.

Missing are: Spc. Alex R. Jimenez, 25, of Lawrence, Mass.; and Pvt. Byron W. Fouty, 19, of Waterford, Mich.


Dear God,

Bless these souls and help their families. We will try to remember the greater good. And Lord, help me, because I don't always remember what is the greater good. Watch over our Heroes, at home and abroad; and, Lord, help us help each other during this difficult time. May we find some kind of peace in this chaotic world.


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