24 May 2007


Holiday Weekend Plan:

~*~Thurs: work til 5p. work second job 6p-10p. home to start packing.

~*~Fri: work 7a-5p. Pick up child 6p. Mother coming to stay. Funeral home til 8p. home 9p. continue packing and getting ready for graduation.

~*~Sat: 8:30 meet new landlord, sign lease papers. 10:30 Oldest graduation. 12:30 go clean new place. 4:30p - 1a work 2nd job.

~*~Sun: pack/start moving stuff. Take child back 12:00 (2.75 hour round trip) work second job 4p-9p. home, packing.

~*~Mon: moving stuff. work 2nd job 2p-7p. Finish moving stuff. Clean old place.

I can't wait to get back to work Tuesday.

Have a safe, happy holiday, everyone. Salute your Flag, Hug a Hero, and revel in your Freedom.

Miss B


Tater said...


Now I'm gonna feel guilty drinking beer on my boat!

Hope you manage to squeeze a grin or two into your weekend somewhere!


Miss B said...

*shoving fist into mouth so as not to offend Hero*

Have a wonderful weekend hon! ;)

Oh, and have a couple for me, will ya buddy?


George said...

B ... and what is this holiday called? Memorial Day ... sounds like a nice, relaxing, stress free weekend will be nothing more than a memory from times past.

Good luck

Miss B said...

george, hon... no idea when i'll see a nice, relaxing, stress-free weekend again for a long time... just not in the cards for me right now...

enjoy yours hon...