15 April 2007

Cancel Da Ho'

Do any of you know what this means?

I'm riding back from my youngest daughter's dinner theater concert for her school last night in my oldest daughter's car. This is a trip to which I do not look forward. It's snowing, lot of traffic, new driver, and I'm subjected to the blue lights and the "thump-thump". No, we didn't get pulled over and beat by cops... she has short, neon-blue lights under the dash in her car, and a stereo system and super bass that, when the proper song is played, can vibrate the fillings out of one's head.

I'm a pretty easy-goin' person as far as music goes; I like a lot of different styles. I do not like rap, pop or hip-hop. She does. *sigh* Her car, she gets to choose. (I however, get to bitch) :) This makes my ride MUCH more enjoyable, to aggravate her, and have her threaten to throw me in the back seat or drop me off on the side of the road. Ahhhh, the sweet rewards of motherhood.

Anyhow, we're listening to this Gawd-awful thumping (which, btw, is the ONLY thing I hear-I can't make out the words or music whatsoever-a point I repeat over and over and OVER until she FINALLY turns the bass down.) We come across this song that talks about "cancelin' da ho.'" WTF is THAT supposed to mean?

My daughter and her guy friend explain to me that to "cancel" someone means to pour a beer over their head in public to shut them up when they're acting stupid. This I did not know. The pouree is then told, "You've been cancelled." hmmm.

I explained to them that the words "cancel da ho'" means something totally different to our generation... it could either be 1) kill her or 2) call the pimp and tell him not to send her. Who knew it meant pour a beer over her head?

Yep, I believe I have just been shoved into the generational gap. They found that amusing and I found something else with which to aggravate them. For the rest of the ride home, no matter which song played, I found the beat and in the background would sing, "Call da pimp, cancel da ho'."

some days it's so easy to amuse myself...

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