15 April 2007

The Angel's Angel... Proud Mom Moment #16,329

My babygirl sings like an angel. I forget how well. I hear her humming and singing around the house, I know she can carry a tune. It's when she's performing for school that the real voice comes out.

We went to the dinner theater at her high school last night. All the music groups put this together and it's usually a lot of fun. She was part of a duet singing "A Whole New World" from the Aladdin soundtrack.

The guy she sang with does pretty well, you could tell he's nervous. then her part steps in and again, she just blows me away(along with everyone else in the room.) She loves music, singing, anything of that nature. She doesn't get nervous onstage, really moves around, enjoys herself.

So there I am, sitting at the table, bawling like a baby into my napkin. My best friend and her husband are sitting there laughing at me (you'll have moments like these too, one day!) And of course, when she came back over to sing the song that they dedicate to the parents, there I was, weeping and snivelling. She finds it amusing. She is so like me. I would have found it amusing when I was her age as well.

So another successful dinner theater under your belt, babygirl... congratulations, you are incredible!


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