15 March 2007

finally... someone who GETS it...

I loooovvvve sugar... especially in the form of anything chocolate and my favorite, sweet tea.

The other 3 food groups I relish are bread, cheese and potatoes. Fry me up some potatoes (with onions, salt and pepper - gotta have another veggie somewhere) smothered with cheese and eaten with fresh baked bread or biscuits (the REAL kind, not those candy-ass little puffs in a can that you have to pull the pieces of metal and cardboard out of after you get them unwrapped) washed down with some ice-cold southern sweet tea... I'll follow you anywhere! (I may follow you for one other reason - but only one... and that's for another post, another day) ;-)

I come from a southern type background... complete with hillbilly ya'lls and deep devotion to whomever is fortunate enough to garner my attentions for the moment. Part of this heritage includes a love for all foods fattening and thereby completely yummy. Who doesn't like sitting down to fresh biscuits, rice and pork chops (ooh... pork chop gravy... yum)? A little hamburger scramble anyone? (Ground beef, fried potatoes, onions, salt/pepper-cheese if you like a little something extra). Barbecue chicken so tender it's falling off the bone with some potato salad and asparagus greens.
*excuse me, I need a personal moment here.*

Don't get me wrong... my all time favorite food is anything Mexican... the spicier the better and keep the sour cream comin'... (you guys are sick) lol. But I can truly appreciate the finer points of anything chocolate. It is an evil vixen, twisting its little aphrodisiacal spell completely around my senses until every day around 2:30, I'm wandering around the office, whoring myself out with promises of filing or copying for just one little kiss, a tiny chunk, anything CHOCOLATE!!!

And every 28-30 days, I morph into a vicious beast who must have the smooth, velvety texture melting slowly across my warm tongue, sliding out the corners of my mouth forcing me to repeatedly lick my lips to prevent escape, rendering me oblivious to the ringing phones and office stupidity that surrounds the safety of my work-laden desk for a few blissful moments.

Where were we? Oh yea... wander on over and check out one of my new interests from someone who understands my passion for good food and my pathetic abhorrance of all things healthy...

I try, I really try, but she SO gets me... time to chop the carrots and celery for tomorrow's snacks... (rackin-frackin-frackin)
*stares hatefully at the Gazelle* stupid torture machine. :P~~~~~~~

Miss B

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