16 March 2007

Do you ever wanna just run away?

Well, I was going to blog today, but after reading my good friend Pixie's blog, I just don't have the heart. Don't get me wrong, it was nothing bad or dishearting, actually the opposite. (so don't get upset at all Ms Pixie), it was just "one of those days" where I suddenly find myself very foul. No discernable reason, no logic. Just pissy. And prone to tears.

I was going to blog about my red shirt and how it affects the boys at work, therapy memoirs, my upcoming 5K walk/race for Soldiers' Angels in Cincinnati OH, how I was in process and very close to starting back to school again for the first time in 14 years, my upcoming birthday, and something about Heroes that I can't read because I was writing it at 1a in a little notebook I keep close by for those nights when the head won't stop spinning. It seems as I sit at my computer, the thoughts never come. When I'm driving down the road, laying down at night, doing anything OTHER than blogging, is when I get my little creative spark.

I now do not care. All that is painfully obvious is I am alone. And inexplicably sad. So I fill the time with busy stuff, and try not to settle into this funk that looks to overtake my weekend. Maybe I can make it through the rest of the day at work. Sorry folks, best I can do right now.

no hugs


Pixie said...

I'm thinking you need a good groping. That's what I think.

I also think I will drink beer tonight - much beer and I will do so in your name.

I still want to hear about the red shirt.

*I'm hugging you - you don't have to hug back*

Oh and Miss B. You are ALLOWED to feel exactly the way you do. It is your RIGHT.


Miss Behavin said...

i'm thinking it's more than a groping i need babygirl... but feel free to have as many beers in my name as you want ~ just make sure you have a DD and don't go home with any long-hair hippie dudes... m-kay?