05 March 2007

Feeling Lonely? Wait til you try THIS...

*sigh* straighten pillow, fold afghan. hum along with the radio. hear "that" song. Look at the computer... do we really have the strength to do this again???

I'm like a lot of other women. I have dreams, hopes, wishes for that one special person who makes my insides flip. I'm not a shopper, so going to the local SuperWalmart and cruising the beer aisle is out. We have a washer/dryer at home, so laundromats aren't an option. Both ARE, however, great places for meeting middle-aged women with screaming 3-year-olds... umm, not exactly my style. I'm not a bar person, although about every six months I'll go hang out with some of my friends just to catch up and talk. I've never seen church as a place to go to meet men. I'm thinking the Big Guy wants my full attention. So what's a girl to do? *mental note - buy more batteries* kidding, folks... more warped humor as each day passes... :)

Head to the kitchen, load the dishwasher, wipe down the counters. Wander back to the living room... it's still there, staring at me.

I am no longer proud. I have actually resorted to online searching. I am online 90 percent of my day. My job requires it, as does my work with Soldiers' Angels. It was logical, I thought. After a couple of years, it is amusing, at best.

According to one site, I am extremely attractive to exactly the opposite type of person I'm interested in. At least, those are the only ones that seem to make contact with me. People of Islamic faith (c'mon now, just don't see that happening), couple married guys "looking for fun" (ass clowns) and a few much younger fellas. (ok, I'm flattered, but I no longer have the time, energy or patience to train someone-you need to have a full arsenal of fun and know how to use it) ;)

Lean back in the chair, stretch my neck side-to-side.... aaarrgghh.

Another popular site has matched me up with a total of 49 (49!!!) "highly compatible" men. One would THINK that out of almost 50 people, I would find someone at least mildly interesting. Of those 49, 23 rejected me right off the bat for various reasons (distance, hair color, whatever). THAT'S good for the self-esteem... I went through varying levels of communication with 9 others to one day log in and find I'm no longer an option because they are pursuing other people. (At least one - 1- guy was nice enough to send me an actual message letting me know this before closing his account... *sigh*) 10 of them I closed for varying reasons (distance, hair color, whatever). Look, I'm just getting a shot at the self-esteem before they get theirs in... 1 of them I actually met, went out with twice and watched my head spin as he left quickly after finding out about my children. Hey, by this age, we all have a past. Man up and get the hell over it. So we're down to 6... hehehe. 3 of them I have not had any contact with yet, don't know if I will. 3 of them I'm actually "talking" with.

"Hi (Insert Name Here). Glad to meet you."
"I'm 5'2, blonde hair, green eyes, little chubby, lotta fun."
"I have 3 kids, 1 graduating this year, the other two I have shared parenting."
"Nice picture, thanks... here's mine... hope your day is going well."
*run screaming through the house tearing my hair out*

"Sure, I'd love to talk on the phone with you sometime." No, I don't want to, I talk on the phone all frickin' day and I HATE talking on the phone at home. I'd much rather talk in person, but that would entail actually meeting... not something I do well with.

"Hey, great to meet you! You're taller than I thought!" Oh for the love of Pete, no chemistry whatsoever. Do I really have to sit through an entire meal/movie with this person??? Sit still, look pretty. I cannot believe I painted my nails and shaved my legs for THIS... I wonder if that hot guy in the corner is available... ??? :)

Yep, dating sucks. Right up there with root canals and ingrown toenails. Both of which I've had. *pondering* Actually, I think they were LESS painful.

*sigh* flip on the History channel, cuddle up with my favorite MI blankie, and try to forget about the last round of "potentials".


Pixie said...

OMG. Sooooo been there! Ha haaaaa - not laughing at you, I'm laughing at THEM, sister!

You're so cool. Keep the faith! (...and nothing wrong with keeping a few extra batt'ries around if yannow what I mean... ahem).

Miss Behavin said...

I've been dreaming of the Energizer Bunny and I have stock in Eveready... ;)