04 March 2007

More Proud Mom Moments...

Got to go spend the weekend at my brother's, and got some baby lovin' from my niece and nephews... they are, hands down, the best niece and nephews in the world! :) Miss Emily is walking, talking and has the whole house at her feet. What a princess! lol.

#19,473 and 21,257: Lacey has officially been accepted to Rhodes State college for Early Childhood. Congratulations junior! Very proud of you! This comes right before her weekend at local competition for school, where she placed high enough to go on to State competition. Excellent work! :) The rest of the year is going to fly by... competition, prom, graduation... I'm tired just thinking of it!

#22,453: Haley has tried out for and been given a part in a duet for her school's dinner theater coming up in April... way to go! She did a fantastic job last year with her solo part, so I look for much the same this year... can't wait!!!

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