20 February 2007

Sprint Still Sucks... but I may have a way around it...

Alright, we all know how I feel about Sprint. A plague on a pox on men. I am STILL without a phone, but I'm payin' for the service. Went to my local Sprint dealer to find out about getting another phone. They had 1 type of phone left. Fine, I can deal. Check out what I qualify for for upgrades. I don't. October of this year before I get a deal on a phone. That's 7 months. That's bullshit. So I can pay $428 for a replacement phone (not) or wait 'til October and get an upgrade price and take on another contract. NOT.


I can pay the early termination fee of $175, go to another company, lower my monthly payment and get a FREE phone. (Gonna pay at least that much for a full price phone anyway.)


I can search for another phone on ebay or something. (I did-found something better.

Apparently I'm a genius, too late. They HAVE a CHARGER for BATTERIES that doesn't require being plugged INTO YOUR PHONE!!!! YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! http://www.cellphoneshop.net/ has them. $13, and on sale. I'll bite. $17 for the charger and shipping beats $80 for a new battery (which, btw they have for my phone for $12) plus a hands-free (I'm a safety girl!) Total Investment: $26 and change.... Possible Happiness and Satisfaction: Lots and Lots... Reviews were good on the charger. So in a few days when I get them (standalone battery charger, extra battery-so I can check my 3 weeks worth of messages and get my numbers out of the phone onto paper just in case and headset) I could potentially be completely blissful again. I can live without a phone. I don't like to not have it when I'm driving. I've been travelling a bit lately and it has been a bit stressful to not have the security of being able to reach someone for help. And then, AND THEN, best of all, next January when my 2 year contract is up I can go to another company with better service coverage and less crappy phones. Woo HOO!!! I love planning ahead. :) Will let you know how I like mine... check out Cell Phone Shop on the web... great prices, lots to choose from and the ability to keep me from choking the next Sprint representative who tell me I can't get a phone for less than $300. (They may have saved a life!)

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