21 February 2007

Well, time for a little LAK... (Life After Kids)

Woo hoo... time for me to fly... I'm seriously considering some changes in career, and I have officially signed up for schooling... Logistics/Intel Ops... I'm psyched!!! Can't wait! Starts in 6 weeks... can't wait!!! Gettin' my books... can't wait!!! *groan* ohhhh there's sssoooo much paperwork!!! but i'm psyched!!! can't wait!!! LOL :P~~~~~~~~~~~

Tired of waitin' around on all the promises people keep breakin', got nothin' holdin' me back after my oldest graduates in 3 months... I'm movin' on. And if Mr Right is out there somewhere in the midst of it, great... Too many Mr Right Now's lately, and I am done... I've done what I had to, now I'm going to do what I want.

Have an opportunity to start a freight brokerage with someone; this just might be the time to do it. Little nervous... still thinking it through. Tired of taking the sure path, it's leading nowhere. To be continued...

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