19 February 2007

The day after the morning after...

Ugh. I'm gettin' too old for this. Or I don't have the patience for people anymore. Much fun with the girls Saturday night. Went to BW's for wings & drinks... wings were good, drinks were alright but they've changed the laws in Ohio for public places. You're no longer allowed to smoke in public restaurants. Not an issue to me, quit smoking, and never did care for eating while others were smoking. No, the bigger issue here was all the people with young kids in this place!!! Now, come on... you go out with friends or your SO and you expect to be able to talk, laugh, get drunk, fall down, whatever, without having 4-9 year old kids underfoot. Admit it, you CAME OUT to get away from your own 4-9 year olds, why the hell would you want to put up with someone else's obnoxious kids running around, screaming, running into your table spilling your beer? Hire a sitter or take them to Chuck E Cheese already!

Then we get to the bar... usually a karaoke bar. I can deal with that. I don't make fun of them coz I can carry a tune, but not very far, and I damn sure wouldn't get up in front of people to do it... Anyhow, bad weather, and they no longer have karaoke. Bummer. They were supposed to have a DJ (I can deal with that) but they no-showed because of weather. So we had a jukebox. And some drunk people. With poor taste in music. (Or I'm too old and don't appreciate the fine nuances of thumpin' hip hop.) So I feed a couple bucks into the box, play some real music (Seger, Tesla, Crue) and apparently there are more than just me and the girls who like real music. So we had fun, laughed at the drunk guy across the way who kept rubbing his belly and makin' eyes at us. (This is NOT something you want to see-trust me) and headed home about 1. (Hey, the weather WAS bad.) All in all not a total waste of time, and as always good company. :)

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