13 January 2007

It was a good day Tater...

Just got home from work (Sat afternoon). I work in the office during the week, and as you may know, I also hold a Class A CDL. I help out in the yard sometimes on the weekends, just to keep from getting rusty since I don't drive full time anymore. And of course it's 40 degrees and rainy today. (Can you say couch, cocoa, book and pillow???) So I'm out sloppin' around, hooking and unhooking trailers, backing up (very well too, thankyouverymuch!) and I finish for the day. I am covered in mud, soaked to the bone and shakin' from the chill. I look at my Supervisor and say, "I'm cold, wet and dirty... it's gonna be a good day, Tater." :) He laughs and tells me to go home... Sometimes I miss driving!!

On my way home from work, I turned the corner and came up behind a big truck stopped in the middle of the road. I waited a few seconds to see what he was going to do; couldn't see around him. He starts to take off and his tires are locked (brakes wouldn't release). I flip my four-ways on, walk up to the cab (he's outside getting into his sidebox), ask him what's up, and if he needs me to get him help from the shop. He has a hole in his emergency brake line and when he puts air to it, it escapes and won't release his brake. So I have him follow me back to the Jeep lookin' for hundred mile an hour tape, but I have only electrical tape. (Thanks, Capt Crazy, for telling me I needed to carry that just in case - I'll replace the duct tape as well.) He tapes up the line, and makes it home about 2 miles down the road (he has the service line to replace it there... he's a farmer with his own trucks.) and he was pretty grateful he didn't have to call service, drag 8 tires to his house, or walk 2 miles to get the replacement hose. Karma, it will come back to me... besides, it was pretty cool to see the look on his face when I got into the back of the Jeep and had a travel kit that was actually useful. :) lol

Some good news... I have 2 Heroes who are rotating home within the next few weeks. One is an official Adoptee for me (USMC) yay! and the other is an "unofficial" (USArmy) yay! I'm keeping my fingers crossed til I know for sure the planes have touched down!

I was going through a box of old pictures the other day (you know, the one we ALL have that we say we're gonna put in an album, and every 3-4 years we say it again!) Well, in this box were my dad's USN Duty Record, Active Duty Discharge, and Reserve Duty Discharge papers from 1962-1968, along with his "yearbook" from Great Lakes IL. I knew he was in the Navy (back before I was born) but he wasn't in after I came along. *sniff* guess I'm not a Navy brat. lol. Anyhow, I found this old b&w picture of a man in a Sailor uniform, looked kinda like I guess he would've back then. I turned it over and on the back saw my GRANDFATHER's name and the date in 1948. Now how cool is that? I lost him about 10 years ago, and never knew he was USN. Man, I wish he were here now, 'coz I have about a million questions!!! :)

So I'm home on my couch, huddled up in a blanket, hot cocoa and pillow in easy reach watching movies and I get a call from my favorite Medic Hero in the Sandbox (it's his birthday today -- Happy Happy Hero!!!). He's telling me about his day and says he'll meet me online later to chit chat. 'Bout an hour and a half later, I'm barely coherent when he comes on, I remember seeing him and typing something like... hu xsD ???!! What the hell is that? I think it was supposed to be "hi something or other". 45 minutes later, I wake up... LOL. Chit chat with him for a bit and HE gets tired. He's a hoot. And I'm downright hilarious when I'm at that stage where I'm just drifting off and yet trying to hold a conversation.

So yes, it was a good day Tater...

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