14 January 2007

I'm not going to cry, I am NOT going to cry...

I'm sitting here knowing that within the next couple weeks, my favorite Medic Hero is coming home. For him I am happy. It's been a long year in the Sandbox. Not just for him, for all of them. I'll not rest easy until I know the plane has touched down and he is standing on US soil.

He called today... they're busy getting stuff together to transition home. I won't be hearing much from him in the next few weeks. His schedule is changing, his access to phones and the internet will be limited, if available. I've been spoiled. I'm sure I'm going to have chat withdrawal. I've saved every one. And all our emails. (As I do with all Heroes who email me.) I re-read them. I laugh, I cry, I am amazed still that the time went so quickly.

He's told me I've definitely been his Angel, helping him through rough times. He's even said that I've been HIS Hero. Silly Soldier. :) I've been doing what I do which is talk, email, let him know I care, I appreciate his service. We've shared a lot of laughs, a few tears, politics, sports, life. Who am I going to argue with about Ohio State and President Bush? Who's going to talk me through my migraines? Who's been whose Hero? He has no idea how I've looked forward to talking with him. How he's made the bad days better and the good days exceptional.

I'm trying not to be selfish. It's not about me being happy or content. It has nothing to do with my life. My job is to provide moral support and motivation to our protectors. Let them know they are loved and appreciated. I know this. I try to make sure ALL the Heroes I have contact with know this. I email a group of them every week, let them know what's happening back here with the sports teams, me and the kids, funny life stuff in general. I get varied occasional responses from a few of them. We're told to expect none -- they're kinda busy over there stayin' alive -- so it's always a pleasant surprise just to get a quick note that says "I'm ok, thanks for writing." These are the moments that keep me going. If I've helped one person carry on for one more day, I've done my job. I am beginning to think we Angels need our own Angel group. Who takes care of us? We take time from our families, donate money and time, deal with non-supporters who try to make us feel bad for doing this. Hey, not all Angels agree with the war either, but we DO love our Soldiers, who are doing what they're told. It's very draining emotionally. We have such a roller-coaster ride dealing with troop movements, casualties, free mail and watching updates on the news. I'm just being a big baby. There will be others who need me.

Congratulations Hero... I'm thrilled you're coming home. Welcome back, and may your life take you where you wish to be. I will miss my Sandbox Medic Hero.

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