10 January 2007

And how die-hard am I to keep our Heroes' morale up?

I'm sitting on the floor last night in the bathroom, leaning against the cool tile suffering through each hot flash, praying for some sort of release from the searing pain and nausea. Then I hear it. The familiar "ding" and the audible guy who comes on and says, Da-Da-Dahhh "It's ok, I'm here now."

I lick my parched lips, take a shallow breath (no deep ones here... too easy to heave that way) and on all fours crawl down the hall to the living room where my laptop lay on the floor. All the lights are off, but the light from the screen is blinding. I grab my pillow off the couch, put it on the floor and lay down beside the monitor, careful not to look at it straight on.

He's sending messages, asking if I'm ok. My favorite Medic Hero. I sent some inane message about puking and pain. He had instructed me on how to drain a blister on my foot earlier in the day, so of course he's thinking I've used a rusty razor on my foot and having reactions. I finally reassure him that no, foot's fine, the problem is either migraine or flu. He asks if I want to logoff and go to bed. I can barely manage an "n" for no. Alone in the house, this is my only link to humanity. Just me, Fifth-Wheel (the cat) and a laptop computer, lying on the floor in the middle of my living room, typing half messages one-handed, not wanting to leave for the fear of being alone. How pathetic that must have looked. All I know is he talked me through the pain until the medicine brought the stabs to a tolerable thump and I could pull myself onto the couch. Covered up, freezing now, and trying just to maintain.

He checked on me again this morning (afternoon for him) and again after I got to work. (Thank God for the internet!!!) He advised me no walking at lunch today and light on the lunch. Hey... he's the Medic! :)

Back home tonight... headache coming on again, but I'm hitting it early. Stomach's still a little queasy but I'm keeping stuff down. Hopefully no more romantic interludes with the toilet again tonight!

Thanks Hero... from half a world away, you made me feel like I wasn't alone during a really rough night. You're the best! *hugs*

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