23 January 2007

Are you fun??? Are you normal??? Can you be both???

Have some fun with it... Tell me, are you fun? Or Normal? Or Not??? :)




melanie said...

Hey Jackie!
it's me Melanie, one of the 26 angels you corrdinate with for the LWT. I just wnated ot say I took the " R U fun test" and I'm the Life and Soul of the Party..not too bad...this is what it had to say about me and I have to say it's pretty much on the dot....check it out:

You're the soul of the party...always there for a witty insight or a sensitive thought. You might not find yourself dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly, but you sure as heck will encourage others to do so...and then you'll give a brilliant commentary over brunch the next day, keeping everyone in stitches. You charm people with your understated wit and humor.

Miss Behavin said...

lol... I was the life as well... must be an Angel thing! ;)