23 January 2007

Sprint Phones STILL suck...

Well, now I'm aggravated. Actually, I'm beyond aggravated. Once again, my phone has failed me when I need it most. I'm pissy because my Hero is in transition, and I got the phone to turn on long enough to receive a message that he made it to his first stop homebound, and I couldn't get the call because the G*#_@_# Mother f*#&# piece of Sh*# phone won't charge.

AARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!! This is NOT the first time this has happened to my phone. It always seems to be something to do with the charger. Actually, the pin on my phone that's inside where you can't reach it apparently has been shoved up and out of reach of connection to my plug. So, I can sit there and hold my charger at an odd angle to "maybe" connect with my pin for 2-3 hours until it recharges - oh wait, I can't because it now doesn't connect - or I could buy a new battery for $80 that would allow me to access my messages, get my numbers off there and use it for a brief time... BUT I CAN'T RECHARGE IT!!! I need a charger that refreshes batteries without them being attached to the phone. Hey, Einstein, how about THAT??? That would be fabulous for those of us who can't afford to buy "disposable" batteries, or new phones for $100-300 a pop (usually the higher end because if you want a phone for a reasonable price you ALSO have to renew your never-ending, shitty, no signal area service contract for at least 2 years every time. <<<---- Don't EVEN get me started.

Of course, it's just a few weeks AFTER the one year warranty on the phone has expired. (I'd LOVE to meet the geniuses that design these things -- I'll bet they have it programmed right into the phone.)

00:00:01 day after warranty expires the program kicks in:
*Warranty expiration complete*
Whirr, click, auto retraction of charging pin.
Loss of data, pictures of anything important - deleted.
Phone numbers set to Un-Transferable.
Operation "Shit Plastic Receiver Is Now Terminal" complete. Out.

F&*#$^ Sprint

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