09 November 2006

Time passes quickly

Yep, this is Lacey... she's a Senior this year, 17. I KNOW, can you believe it??? She's taking Early Childhood Development -- loves it, kids love her! Who'da thunk? :) She's going into the Guard this year... already done the ASVAB and is going shortly for her physical. Says she doesn't know if she'll be any good with a gun... lol, i tell her sweetie YOU don't have a gun, however you WILL have a weapon! She was having a moment last week where she said "Mom, I'm really stressed. I have to know what I'm going to do for the rest of my life in 7 months and I don't know what I want to do. What if I make a mistake?" Well, being the encouraging mom I am, I answered her. "Hon, I'm 29 *yes I did, and with a straight face even* and I don't know what I want to do for the rest of my life! If you make a mistake, you pick yourself up and start again. You'll be fine." Very proud of you Junior! Love, momma.

And here's Miss Haley(16)... she's on the right. This was her Homecoming night *sniff* . I never thought I'd see the day Pickle was all grown up. She's such a band geek (and I mean that lovingly honey -- momma was one too!) and so talented. So now she's deciding if she's going to be an Engineer or a Journalist... you're a Sophomore honey, don't rush it! She shares my same sense of humor and sarcastic timing, which explains that while she aggravates me with her mouth, secretly I find it very funny. Love ya kiddo!

And last but not least my Anthony (Picture to be added shortly). He lives in Kentucky now with his dad (he's at that age - 14 1/2... frankly there are some things that a mom just doesn't need to talk with about to her son ;) ) He got taller than me this year and now he's almost 5'10"!!! His voice has changed... it's so funny - he'll call and say "Hey mom" in this deep voice and I'm like, "who's this??" Then we have the same conversation. Me: "Who's your girlfriend now?" Him: "So and so." Me: "You really like her?" Him: "Yea. blah blah blah" Me: "She's not good enough for you." Him: "Ha ha mom." Hey, I gotta practice for later, won't be long til he's all grown up too! ;) You're the best buddy... love ya! ma

So there they are... my babies are almost all grown up!!! *thinking - woo hoo - momma's gonna have a life!!!* lol

All kidding aside, I love you all very much. You've all been such an inspiration to work a little harder and so supportive through the bad years. I wish for all of you peace and love in your lives. I'm always here for you.

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