09 November 2006

I have a Stripe!!!

As most of you know, I am very involved with Soldiers' Angels and I work very hard to keep up with my letter writing to the Heroes overseas.

Well, this week brought quite a surprise! I was offered a chance to become a Team Leader for the Letter Writing Team. Naturally, I said "hell yea! Sign me up!" So now I get to coordinate the Heroes with the Angels for letter writing. I'm so excited!!!

I was talking to my favorite female Hero Marci and she explained to me that with a stripe I would now be considered an Angel First Class (AFC). How cool is that?? I was later emailing my favorite Medic Hero and told him to drop and give me 20... then I remembered that he has more stripes than I do so I still had to salute HIM. *sigh* lol. Oh well, it was fun for a while!

Anyone interested in being a part of this support go to www.soldiersangels.org for more information.

*hugs* Jackie(AFC) ^i^

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