09 November 2006

Meet my Friends

Miss Rachel Mae... we terrorized them at work, didn't we girlfriend??? I'm so glad life is going where you want it now. Keep that man happy coz he loves you!!! Thanks for helping me through the whole Princess Virginia episode. It's safely in the past where it belongs, I couldn't have done it without you!!!

Miss Angie (Thundercloud)... girlfriend I am so glad you shared my life with me!!! I've never laughed so hard and I know my trip to Odessa TX would NOT have been the same without you running my front door!!! I will never forget the Oklahoma toll road and I will never forget you. I'm glad you found your love, you deserve it. Thanks for seeing me through the crazy times... and thank Rhonda for singing me "You are My Sunshine". You guys are the bomb!

Marsha... my personal mentor. If I could be half the professional you are, I would be a success!!! Thanks for the support during a rough year. I am a better person because you've been there for me. I hope I can be the same for you.

Tiff N Jen... My homies from the TL hood... lol.. you were the best! If you ever need anything!!!

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