13 September 2006

Meet My Heroes

This year I joined Soldiers' Angels. It's a fantastic organization whose sole purpose is to support our Heroes in harm's way in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Throughout my journey with SA, I have met some wonderful people from all over the States. Let me introduce you:

My "Adopted" Hero Trenton, from whom I've never heard but I certainly hope that I have been a help to him over there. I know he's been a life-changing inspiration to me. We love you... Stay Safe Hero!

Dante, whose humor about his "job" had me in stitches... He's a Truck Driver, then a Mechanic, then an Infantryman. He says "I drive, if the truck breaks down I fix it, if I can't fix it I run." Kudos to the US Service people for condensing jobs! He has the cutest son and devoted fiancee' and his home is about 4 hrs from where I live. If I am honored enough to meet him and his family someday, that is only a blessing for me. Stay safe Hero!

Marci, whose letters remind me of me when I was younger only she was actually brave enough to go out and grab the world! Thanks for letting me see the world through young eyes again. If you ever make it to Ohio, I'll bake bread! Stay safe Hero!

Kevin, who has the most kickass job over there and I can't talk about it but you are the man! Remember what I said about needing any help! Stay safe Hero!

Last but not least, my personal Hero Jeff. Words cannot express. You have made my time as an Angel so much more than just sending packages and writing letters. He changes places and becomes my Angel from time to time. The emails we've had and the flat out laughfests have been such a lift! Home in 12 weeks... I want to be at the plane! Stay safe Hero!

Love you all... thanks for honoring me by answering my letters. Your safe returns home is all I ask. Angel *hugs* to all.

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