15 November 2006

Proud Mom Moment # 8,643 - Lacey makes the Honor Roll

I know, I know!!!! Yes... Lacey!!! She came home last night and said "hey momma, guess what?" Fully expecting news such as an impending pregnancy (not hers) or another alcohol-related accident involving some young dumbass boy in her class (why did we not see that all boys under the age of 27 are complete fluff???) Anyhow, I digress...

She says, "I made the honor roll!" Me (being the optimistic, supportive mother that I am), said "No way!" She said, "Yea, found out about it from so-and-so... it was in the paper! They made an announcement on the speaker at school for all the honor roll students to come to the commons and pick up their certificates, and I just left." So we laughed and high-fived; it was a bonding moment in an otherwise turbulent, drama-filled, emotionally charged relationship.

All funny stuff aside--Great Job Junior!!! I'm very proud of you. Way to start out Senior year! We'll get you out of there yet!

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