15 November 2006

Intellectually Challenged

As always, I am looking for something to stimulate me intellectually. I cannot stand being bored, or at the very least, bored for very long. And, as I have the creativity of a rock, I live vicariously through other bloggers who have much more imagination (not to mention larger vernacular skills) than I.

I have at long last found my match in Fluwten -- who has become my favorite Canuckian blogger. His ribald recounts of his daily escapades has me completely enthralled (at least for now). We started out shakily as I was grossly uninformed of current events and he called me on it; however, we have since called a truce. You all know how I love those Canucks anyway. I still hear from my northern driver buddies, even though I don't get to see them as often. Occasionally, they'll pass my way in time for us to join up, grab some coffee at the 110 and terrorize the waitresses for hours. Some days I miss driving *sigh*. But, I digress...

Do not fear if I begin using larger than normal words (we won't even get into the size issue); I will be back to my simple self before long. It's just a treat to run in different circles now and then, and we all know I'm not afraid to step off the porch!!! Inasmuch as I love to live dangerously, I love just living period. So, if this newfound piece of contentment happens to be in the form of a well-spoken, punctually-correct, self-proclaimed bastard on a shadowy cyberspot, so be it!

As long as I am able to maintain my end of conversational wit, I am sure I will be pleasantly entertained for quite a length.

Kudos, Fluwten... and my posts should all be "linkable" for you... if not, email me and I will gladly forward them. Peace.

Miss B

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